Are You Hungry…


Are you on the go like most of us? Do you prepare your lunches at home? Are you tired of eating the same old boring sandwich? If you’re like me you might say I do enjoy the finer tasting side of my palate and not to mention I just love good food.

I’ll even go out of my way to find a good lunch place that makes excellent whole some healthy dishes for a good lunch.

There’s no question that if you like to eat good healthy lunches make them good ones. Your body will love you for it. Never skip this meal unless you can eat smaller healthy portions more often to not feel hungry for the rest of the day.

The average healthy lunch should be one made with protein like, chicken, roast beef perhaps a slice of real cooked ham, not processed, dressed with green leafy veggies, Swiss cheese and a little dressing for flavor. Still hungry… Try a nice green bean salad with juicy dressing made from olive oil, and perhaps, if you’re up to it a good hearty soup, this is especially good during the winter months.

Lunch habits vary from person to person, some may not like to eat a heavy lunches especially during the hot summer months. A good heavy lunch will often make you feel sleepy and groggy. So it’s best to pace yourself.  I’m sure most of you know just what the doctor ordered.

If you are eating out these days this is a major and many times an unnecessary expense, while the allure of eating out has its social gratifications, some of these restaurants can literally eat your wallet if you not careful.

The trend for many today is to prepare foods from home, there are many advantages to doing this and you just may want to consider making your own lunches all of the time.

The first plus is obviously the cost, the second and more importantly is the nutrition. While many restaurants are touting good healthy recipes you’re not always a 100% certain of what you’re eating or what type of ingredients they are adding to achieve all those wonderful flavors.

Sure does smell good… and for the most part healthy lunch places won’t do much harm to your body if you approach eating at those places with moderation? While we all love to eat out it isn’t always the healthiest choice. Variation and imagination is the key to healthy wholesome lunches.





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