Since the days of earlier times, both men and women have been pre-occupied with hair. From a biblical view, hair was considered Samson’s source of strength…  It would seem that Samson’s hair had to be strong and considered extremely healthy. Since his blessing to have this characteristic was to serve Gods purpose, he also had to be of strong mind and body. Which he was! Until he lost his hair

Healthy Hair

We don’t know much about the actual methods used by earlier civilizations to take care of hair; however, people in those times used only natural products, and ate only natural foods. Considering all of the information regarding the best super foods to eat for healthy hair, skin and nails, having healthy hair should be a good thing to attain.

Earlier civilizations grew fresh and natural foods, nourishment for their own consumption. They did not take as many showers, so many of the natural body oils stayed on them which in turn are necessary for healthier skin and hair.  The cleaning ritual in those times involved more of a tepid rinsing and sponge bath and daily brushing of hair distributed the natural oils of the hair.

The practice of brushing your hair routinely is good for your scalp and hair. Just like our skin has natural oils, the hair scalp produces lipids, and these tiny molecules containing vitamins and essential oils are what make hair feel sooth and soft as they are brushed from the root of the hair to the ends.

We cannot undermine the cleanliness of the people from those earlier times.

Hair is protein. it’s a live follicle nourished by the foods you eat. Hair is everywhere on our body except for our palms and the bottoms of our feet. The purpose of hair is to protect our sensitive skin.

Much like the hair on our head its main purpose serves to heat and cool our bodies as well as protect our scalp from harmful ultra violet rays.

Many of our inhibitions manifest themselves if our hair doesn’t look good.  There’s a bit of narcissism in all of us. If we happen to have a bad hair day these psychological pre-conditions can affect our behavior, our mood.  It’s amazing how hair can affect our aura, our confidence, our attitude as well as enhance our appearance and make us look and feel good.

A good resource about the science of hair can be found here…  Click here

Healthy hair care is a widely practiced science in today’s society. Hair has tremendous social significance. Hair is part our cosmetic makeup for appeal and looks. Healthy hair generally typifies health and youth. Facial hair typifies maturity, grey hair typifies age. Hair is significantly different for both sexes.

It’s important for us to take care of our hair; the primary fundamental step to maintain healthy hair is with a consistent and healthy diet along with proper amounts of sleep. Often if we follow the wrong types of diet activities to lose weight such as low fat and low carbohydrates, this combination can actually cause hair loss since it can diminish important nutrients for healthy hair.

If you want healthy hair, glowing skin, nutrition is important. Certain food groups are essential for health skin and hair.

Healthy Hair

For nice shinny hair eat plenty of dried fruits and nuts, walnuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios…this is a great source of Vitamin E. Need a natural hair conditioner…?  Can be obtained by eating dark green leafy veggies, broccoli, spinach, this produces a natural oily substance.  Hair loss problems…?  Eat a lot of fruit, melons, berries, bananas, apples, and others. Need to get those nutrients to your scalp fast…?  Drink 6 to 8 glasses water daily. And finally have plenty of whole grain foods, whole wheat bread, whole wheat cereals, and whole wheat muffins.

Now that we have covered healthy hair from the days of Samson to present day scenarios, go let your hair blow in the breeze….  to your Health


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